We are committed to leaving the smallest impact on the planet as
possible. We work closely with the owners and workers of some of the
best factories around the world and ensure that the workers are treated ethically & paid above minimum wage.

We strive to integrate the following into our supply chain:
environmentally friendly grown or organic cotton, recycled or reclaimed
cotton & environmentally friendly fabric processing & dying.
We are committed to high standards of ethics in everything we do. We
aim to uphold a common set of expectations, practices and principles for
ethics, social responsibility, and environmental protection throughout our supply chain.

Accordingly, we not only expect our suppliers to operate in full
compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, we also
expect each supplier to go beyond legal compliance to strive to meet
internationally recognized standards. We support the 10 principles of the
UN Global Compact which are incorporated within the expectations below. 

As part of our commitment to sustainability and supplier responsibility,
we reserve the right to confirm compliance with these expectations and
to conduct, or have conducted, periodic compliance audits of our suppliers without prior notice.